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Find & Remove Duplicate Files & Recover Storage Space in Seconds!

Find & Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate Files Fixer is the best duplicate file remover software for your system. It can scan multiple files with blazing speed and provides a detailed preview of all duplicate files in various categories, based on file format.

Drag and drop files

Drag and Drop Scan

Simply drag and drop the folders you want scanned for duplicates.

Preview Scanned Files

Preview Scanned Files

Preview detected files before deleting them permanently from your system.

Auto Mark and Delete

Auto-Mark and Delete

Auto-Mark option allows you to collectively ‘mark and remove’ all duplicate files at once.

Recover Storage Space

Recover Storage Space

You will be surprised by the amount of space you recover after deleting duplicates.

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Getting “Low Disk Space” Warnings? Leave them to Duplicate Files Fixer!

Continuous warnings about low disk space are both annoying and worrying. But with the best duplicate file remover app Duplicate Files Fixer, you can get rid of such messages in no time. It quickly sifts through files, photos, audio files, videos and documents and deletes duplicates that take up valuable storage on your system.

Which file formats are supported by Duplicate Files Fixer?

This duplicate files fixer tool finds and removes duplicate files such as copies of videos, audio, images, documents and zipped files (.zip, .rar) to recover additional storage space.

  • Duplicate Image Files

  • Duplicate Video Files

  • Duplicate Audio Files

  • Duplicate Document Files

  • Other Duplicate Files (.zip, .rar, .db etc...)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every time you download or copy a file to your computer, you may invariably create duplicate or identical files.
There is no way you can delete the duplicate files on your system effectively on your own. Duplicate Files Fixer makes the deletion process easy for you.
The only change it is going to make is to speed up your system. That's because deleting duplicates would recover a lot of storage space.
Duplicate Files Fixer detects all kinds of file formats like text, audio, video, and all static photo formats.
You can just drag and drop the relevant folder which you want to scan.
Duplicate Files Fixer's default setting ensures that original source copies are untouched. However, if you feel some important file has been deleted by mistake, you can retrieve it from the backup created before deletion.

What Users Say

I have been using this software for almost a year now and can safely say that it’s one of the best duplicate file finders for Windows 10. Extremely easy to use and does the work in minutes. It’s free trial is also pretty good.


Debra Winnipeg New Jersey

Duplicate Files Fixer has been nothing less of a savior for me. I almost went to the store to buy a higher capacity hard drive, but thanks to this tool, I have all the storage i need on my computer. The best duplicate files cleaner one can get their hands on.


Julia David Los Angeles, California

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