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Google Drive Duplicate Finder

Delete Duplicate Files in your Google Drive

If your Google drive is brimming with duplicates, you've come to the right place. Delete duplicate files in Google drive with Duplicate Files Fixer, our 100% cloud-based solution.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

Professionally Manage Google Drive Space

Handy Tool to Organize Data on Google Drive

To save and share important documents and files most of us rely on Google Drive storage. But the 15GB free space that seems like a lot gets exhausted quickly, leaving us with two options, either move to a premium plan or clear storage. Luckily, there’s a quick solution, Duplicate Files Fixer.
Using it tool in no time you can scan Google Drive for duplicate photos, audio, video, and documents all of which take up unnecessary space. Once these space-hogging files are detected you can review scan results and remove them all in just a few clicks. To make things easy, Duplicate Files Fixer groups, scanned duplicates and offer an Auto Mark option for automatic selection. Using this, duplicate files can be easily selected and removed in no time.

Google Drive for duplicates

This excellent tool without asking to download any file scans Google Drive and helps get rid of countless duplicates stored on the cloud storage. Moreover, to detect accurate duplicates it looks beyond the file name. Best of all, the app doesn’t consume too many system resources, yet it quickly scans Google Drive for duplicates. Also, it detects all types of duplicates and seeks user permission before deleting any detected duplicates.

Manage Google Drive Space
Benefits of Scanning Google Drive
  • identify duplicates
    Identify duplicates stored on Google Drive

    Duplicate Files Fixer easily locates duplicate data stored on Google Drive, allowing users to identify and remove duplicates.

  • No need to download files
    No need to download files

    The best part about this excellent duplicate cleaner is that it works in the Cloud, eliminating the need to download Google Drive files.

  • Remove all types of duplicates
    Remove all types of duplicates

    In a few clicks identify and delete duplicate, photos, videos, audio, documents, and other duplicate data stored on Google Drive

  • free up google drive storage
    Frees up valuable Google Drive storage

    Without any manual intervention detect duplicate files and free up storage space taken up by unwanted replicas.

Features of Duplicate Files Fixer-Google Drive

Effortless and Effective way to find and remove duplicates from Google Drive.

cloud based solution

100% Cloud-based solution

Scan and compare files directly on the cloud, no need to download them on the PC.

detect duplicates

Detect any kind of duplicates

Duplicate Files Fixer identifies all types of duplicate data stored on Google Drive.

review scan

Review Scan Results

Review the list of data identified as duplicates and keep data organized on Google Drive.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

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