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Duplicate File Finder

Find & Delete Duplicate Files in 1-Click

Get rid of duplicate files, photos, videos & music files easily and recover tons of storage space. Includes file preview and undo option for safe removal.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

The Best, Easy-to-Use & Trusted Tool To Remove Duplicates

Trusted by millions of users globally, Duplicate Files Fixer helps find and remove duplicate files from PC, Mac, Android, and Cloud storage accounts!

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One-stop solution to scan and remove duplicates

Say goodbye to duplicate files, photos, MP3's & videos with Duplicate Files Fixer.

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Scan and remove duplicate files
Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

How to delete duplicate files from your PC?

  • Download & install

    Download Duplicate Files Fixer and install it on your device.

  • Add files/folders

    Add files/folders to scan, select Scan Mode and start scanning the device for duplicates.

  • Review scan results

    Preview scan results, select duplicate files to delete, and click Delete Marked button.

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Benefits of Using Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is a powerful tool with outstanding features and benefits.

Reclaim Storage Space

Reclaim Storage Space

Scan HDD, External disk drive, or Cloud storage to remove duplicates and organize data.

Auto-Mark Duplicate files

Auto-Mark Duplicates

Automatically mark all detected duplicate files for deletion, leaving one copy in each group un-marked.

Drag and drop files

Drag and drop files

Alongside adding files/folders you can also drag and drop files or folders you wish to scan.

Scan External Storage

Scan External Storage

This duplicate finder and cleaner allows scanning external drives for duplicate data.

Grouped Results

Grouped Results

To make selection easy, Duplicate Files Fixer groups duplicate data thereby saving time.

One-Click Scan

One-Click Scan

After adding the files/folder to scan and selecting Scan Mode, in a single click locate duplicates.

Multilingual feature in Duplicate Files Fixer


You can run this best duplicate finder and remover in 13 different languages.

Remove Duplicate from Google drive

Google Drive

Select Google Drive from Scan Mode to directly scan the cloud storage for duplicate files.

remove duplicates from dropbox


No need to download files saved in Dropbox, directly find, and delete duplicates stored in Dropbox

Seamlessly clean duplicate files from your HDD, external storage, & Google Drive

Preview scan results and easily get rid of duplicate files with 100% accuracy

  • Drag and drop or add files and folder

  • Scan files saved on cloud storage

  • Tons of file types supported and scanned

  • Supports scanning external storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Duplicate Files Fixer continue to work on Windows 11?

Yes, Duplicate Files Fixer will continue to work flawlessly on Windows 11. We’ve tested it on the beta version, and it works fine.

How to scan my system for duplicates?

With Duplicate Files Fixer you can find and delete duplicate files in just a few clicks. Here is how:

  • Launch Duplicate Files Fixer
  • Drag & Drop files/folders to scan. You can also use Add Folder and select folders without dragging and dropping
  • Select the Scan Mode and click the blue Scan for Duplicates button
  • When the Duplicate Files Fixer finishes the scan, review scan results and use the Auto Mark feature to automatically select duplicates.
  • To remove selected duplicates, click blue Delete Marked. By default, the program will move these duplicates to Recycle Bin.

That’s it using these simple steps you can scan your system for duplicates and can delete them.

How to install Duplicate Files Fixer on Mac?

  • Visit the App Store to download Duplicate Files Fixer
  • Once the download finishes you will see the professional duplicate cleaner sitting in the Dock.
  • Double click to launch the product, you can now use it to scan your Mac for duplicate data.

What are the trial version limitations of Duplicate Files Fixer?

The trial version of Duplicate Files Fixer offers unlimited scanning. However, there is a limit on cleaning detected duplicates.

Can Duplicate Files Fixer find duplicate files in Google Drive?

Yes, it can. Duplicate Files Fixer for Windows has a dedicated scan mode for both Dropbox and Google Drive. The great thing about these scan modes is that all the file comparison takes place in the Cloud. This means you don’t need to download any files onto your system and waste disk space. However, the Mac version of Duplicate Files Fixer scans the system and only Google Drive.

Install Duplicate Files Fixer Now and Make Life Easy!

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