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Duplicate Video Finder

Make Space for New Movies & Video Files!

Best duplicate video finder to find & delete duplicate videos of all formats from PC, Mac and Android. Preview videos before your delete them & organize your video collection.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

Duplicate Video Finder

Swiftly find and delete duplicate videos on your PC, Mac, and Android

To save data most of us get movies, serials from our friends, but only a few keep track of what they have. Due to this, we keep accumulating the same data and the device starts to run out of storage space. In such cases, the best way to free up space is to look for videos. Since videos take up gigabytes of space, it is vital to keep them organized and avoid storing duplicate videos.

The easiest, hassle-free and automatic way to find duplicate videos is to use a Duplicate Files Fixer, a duplicate finder and cleaner that scans PC, Mac, and Android for all popular video formats. This way without spending hours looking for duplicate video files, you can quickly identify duplicate data.

Duplicate Files Fixer, without manual intervention, helps find duplicate videos stored on your PC, Android and Mac. This tool quickly scans your device for all popular video formats offering to delete them.

What’s more, to make things fun and easy, Duplicate Files Fixer comes with an intuitive design and an advanced scan engine, thereby making scans quick and effective.

To configure Duplicate Files Fixer on PC & search only for video files click the Settings option > Advanced Scan Settings and check the box next to Video. However, if you are a Mac user, to detect only duplicate photos you need to click Duplicate Files Fixer > Preferences > Advanced Scan Settings > check the box next to Videos. Close settings window. Android users simply need to tap the Scan videos option.

Once the scan is complete, review all detected duplicate videos. Make sure you select the video files you want to delete and only then hit Delete Marked. Furthermore, by selecting Google Drive from Scan Mode and keeping the same settings you can scan cloud storage for duplicate photos. 

find duplicate video files
Benefits of Duplicate Video Finder
  • fastest duplicate video finder
    The fastest duplicate video finder

    Duplicate Files Fixer removes video duplicates from internal drive, cloud storage, and external hard drive.

  • Supports different video formats
    Supports different video formats

    This app effectively finds duplicate videos of all popular formats and helps clean them.

  • organize videos
    Organize movies and other videos

    Decluttering the video folder and removing duplicates will help organize and manage movies & other videos.

  • delete duplicate videos
    Delete duplicate videos in one click

    In a few clicks locate duplicate videos and hit Delete Marked to wipe out duplicate videos in a click.

Features of Duplicate Video Finder

Best duplicate video finder for both novice and advanced users.

Find duplicate video files

Find duplicate video files

Without much ado find duplicate video files stored on PC, Mac, and Android.

scan cloud storage

Scan Cloud storage

Duplicate Files Fixer does a good job of identifying duplicate videos stored on cloud storage.

clean duplicate videos

Preview & clean duplicate videos

Review scan results and use the auto mark feature to automatically select duplicate videos.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

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