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Duplicate MP3 Finder

No More Repeated MP3's & Audio Files!

Organize your music library the right way. Locate and delete duplicate music files which ruin your listening experience and make space for new albums with Duplicate Files Fixer.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

Clean up Duplicate MP3 Files

Easily Get Rid of Unnecessary duplicate MP3s stored on your PC, Mac, and Android!

Are you sure your music library is duplicate-free? Unless you set the player to shuffle tracks and often listen to the same track you will think there's nothing wrong with the music library, right? But when you start hearing the same song over and over without setting it to run on loop what will you do? In such a case your best bet is to use a duplicate music finder.

Luckily, we have a quick, effective and reliable way to find duplicate MP3 files stored on your Mac, Android, and PC. Using Duplicate Files Fixer no longer you will have to worry about keeping the music library duplicate free. This professional duplicate file finder helps find and delete duplicate MP3s and other music files from Android, PC, and Mac. To scan the device for duplicate audio, you just have to add the folder or drag and drop it onto the program and run the scan. Duplicate Files Fixer in no time will show a list of duplicate music files. From this list, you can select which files to keep or delete. This helps organize the music library and free up gigabytes of disk space on your Android, Mac, and PC, making room for new playlists and songs.

To scan your PC for duplicate music only, click the Settings option > Advanced Scan Settings and check the box next to Music. However, if you are a Mac user, to detect only duplicate music files you need to click Duplicate Files Fixer > Preferences > Advanced Scan Settings > check the box next to Music. Close settings window. Android users simply need to tap the Scan Audio option.

Afterward, PC and Mac users need to add a folder, or drag & drop files/folders to scan, and hit blue Scan for Duplicates. Doing so will ensure, Duplicate Files Fixer only scans for duplicate music files and doesn't spend time looking for other file types.

Once the scan is complete, review the scan results and delete duplicate MP3 files that you don’t want. This will help manage the music library and keep it duplicate-free.

Benefits of Duplicate Music Finder
  • duplicate mp3 finder
    The quickest duplicate MP3 finder

    Duplicate Files Fixer in just a snap of the finger, identifies accurate duplicate music files, taking up unwanted space.

  • organize albums
    Organize your music albums

    Duplicates clutter playlist and music library. Once replicas are removed you will have organized music albums.

  • Free up valuable disk space
    Free up valuable disk space

    Duplicates are unwanted files that take up disk space. Using Duplicate Files Fixer, you can easily recover this wasted space.

  • delete duplicate music files
    Delete duplicate music in just one click

    In a single click compare music by content, find exact duplicates and enjoy listening to duplicate free music collections.

Features of Duplicate Music Finder

Finding duplicate songs couldn’t be this simple and easy ever.

Remove duplicate music files

Remove duplicate music files

In a couple of clicks find, review, and delete duplicate music files.

preview scan

Preview scan results

Preview scan results to delete duplicate audio files you no longer need.

scan your device

Supports Different File Formats

Scan your device for all popular music formats and get rid of duplicate audio files.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

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