Delete Empty Folders

Delete Empty Folders

Annoyed with Tons of Empty Folders?

Find and delete empty folders which clutter your disk space unnecessarily. Get rid of empty folders and organize your data efficiently using Duplicate Files Fixer.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)

Remove Empty Folder From your PC

Safest And Fastest Way to Find and Remove Empty Folders In Windows.

Though empty files and folders don’t take up disk space, still they make managing data tough. Moreover, opening subfolders one by one just to find that they are empty can be frustrating at times. Also, there is no specific place for such files and folders, they can be found anywhere on the PC. Therefore, to keep data organized it is important to deal with empty folders or files stored across the system.

Generally, deleting empty folders or files is safe. But finding them manually means spending hours looking for them and who has that much time, correct? So, what can be a better way? If I say, there’s a tool that does find and helps to delete empty files and folders then? Will you be interested!

Of course, who won’t be? So, here it is, using Duplicate Files Fixer you can easily determine empty files and folders and remove them safely. To make things simple this tool provides a separate scanning mode – Delete Empty Folders that scans only for empty files and folders. With its help in no time, you can detect empty directories and get rid of them.

Not only this, but to make things easy the tool offers icon description in the left panel. This provides an insight as to which files or folders to delete or not. Furthermore, if after deleting a file you like, I want it back you can Undo the action. (Remember this can be done only during the current session. Once the window is closed you cannot undo the action.) Also, you can view the logs of action performed and can clean Empty files and folders from a connected network drive.

To scan the PC for empty files and folders, launch Duplicate Files Fixer > select Delete Empty Folders > click Browse to select a directory to scan > hit Scan Folders. Wait for the scan to finish.

When done, you will get a list of empty directories highlighted in red color text. Those with a lock icon are folders from the OS drive. This means Duplicate Files Fixer does not allow removing them. Isn’t this great, how you can easily clean an empty file/folder?

Once you do it you will get a managed and organized PC without any empty folders and files.

Remove Empty Folder From your PC

Benefits of Cleaning Empty Files/ Folders

  • quickest way to manage data
    The quickest way to manage data

    Without any manual intervention, organize data and get rid of unnecessary files and folders.

  • Boost Productivity
    Boost Productivity

    No longer sifting through empty folders and getting annoyed as the folder you access is empty.

  • Cleaning up junk from disk
    Cleaning up junk from disk

    Get a clutter-free PC without junk files cluttering it and hindering the system speed.

  • scan pc
    Seamlessly scan PC for empty directories

    Add the directory to scan and get a list of empty folders that were hiding and cluttering space.


Remove Empty Folders

Finding empty files and folders couldn’t be this straightforward ever.

remove empty files

Remove empty files

In a couple of clicks find, review, and delete empty directories.

safely remove empty folder

Safely remove empty folder

Duplicate Files Fixer does not allow deleting any folder from the OS driver.

Scan different storage drives

Scan different storage drives

Scan and clean empty files and folders from hard disks and other connected drives.

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Compatible with Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)