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How to delete duplicate files from Google drive?

Is your Google Drive almost full? There may be a lot of duplicate files eating up your drive’s storage space. Don’t worry you have found the perfect solution to your issue in this blog, let’s discuss how to find and delete duplicate files from Google Drive.

In the era of cloud computing and storage, Google Drive has already made a mark on the futuristic solution that it provides. This easy-to-use cloud storage platform comes integrated with your mail address which makes it a lot easier to maintain a synchronized data bank that you can carry everywhere.

Unfortunately, all good things come with a catch. While Google Drive offers some great features for free, you only have 15 GB of free storage with you. That means you have to be careful that you use the available storage carefully. One of the most critical factors that you must take care of while maintaining your storage is duplicate files.

Easy Ways to Delete Duplicate Files from Google Drive

There’s no denying the fact that duplicate files tend to take up a lot of storage space that could have been used for something else. However, to be fair to the users, optimizing Google Drive usage is not an easy task. You can not track which activities are creating duplicate files and since it is connected to your mail, every attachment that you open might get Downloaded multiple times.

The pile of duplicate files does not look annoying until it is found and that is why finding all the scattered duplicates is a bigger task than deleting them. A lot of users have a misconception that since Google Drive is a separate platform from their PC, deleting duplicate files is not as easy as it seems on a PC.

If you too have a similar notion in mind, then here are some easy ways you can use to delete duplicate files from Google Drive.

Removing Duplicate Files from Google Drive Manually

Google Drive is an advanced cloud platform that works smoothly when it comes to interacting with data saved on it. Just like any other Windows folder, you can drag and drop files, right-click to find more options, mark files to delete, etc.

If you have somehow gathered a lot of duplicate files on your drive, you can remove them using a technique similar to what you would do on a Windows folder. All you have to do is -

  • Open the folder on your Google Drive that you believe may contain duplicate files. Or you might have to go through multiple folders one at a time.
  • On the right top corner of your screen, you can find a view button. Click on it to have a list of files instead of icons in your folder.
  • Sort the file names from ascending to descending to have a curated list of files.
  • Now you can simply find files with similar names a lot easier.
  • Select and delete files that you find to be duplicated.

These steps can help you remove duplicate files from your Google Drive easily however there are multiple limitations to the process. The first and foremost limitation is the number of files you can delete this way. You have to manually select files before you remove them, which means if the number of files is higher, you might have to spend hours sitting through the process.

Secondly, you can only remove duplicate files that you are aware of. You will have to go through all the folders to find the duplicate files. Not to mention, if the duplicate files have different names, you will not be able to figure out the difference.

Using Duplicate Files Fixer to Remove Duplicate Files from Google Drive

Now, looking at the limitations of deleting duplicate files manually, you must have been thinking, isn't there a better way? Well, there surely is! Duplicate Files Fixer is a dedicated tool that you can use on your PC to delete duplicate files directly from your Google Drive.

Yes, it is quite easy to maintain your Google Drive using your PC. All you have to do is -

  • Install the Duplicate Files Fixer on your PC and run the application.
  • On the home screen, you can find the Scan mode option. Select Google Drive to be the source.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • As soon as you choose Google Drive, your default browser will open a security check window for you to allow permission for the software to access your files. Choose the account from the presented list to continue.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • After signing in, you can simply close the Window and move on to the Duplicate Files Fixer. There you will find a pop-up window asking you to choose the folders from your Drive. To scan the entire drive, select My Drive.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • Once you have selected the folder, use the Scan for Duplicates button to initiate the process.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • As soon as the scan is completed, you can find duplicate files from all formats grouped together with their original ones. It is to allow you to choose which copy of the files you want to keep.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • Mark the files that you want to remove. If the number of files is higher, you can also use the automark feature. It allows you to relax while the algorithm does the marking for you, making the process completely hassle-free.
  • duplicate files fixer
  • After the marking is completed, click on Delete Duplicates and relax while the tool does the job for you!
  • duplicate files fixer

Using the Duplicate files fixer can help you get rid of all the duplicate files on your Google Drive without having to sift through folders. Since the process is automated, you do not have to worry about deleting the wrong file.

Your Google Drive is a great tool that you can use for multiple purposes. Make sure you always have ample space free on it to transfer files and access them on any system. With the help of Duplicate Files Fixer, you can instantly get yourself the best-optimized storage as all the unnecessary duplicates are deleted.

Download the tool today to recover free space on your Google Drive!

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